Monday, 31 October 2011



There are 3 superb serial killer novels.
Jan Burke....................Bones
Donato Carrisi
                          ..........The Whisperer

And the serial killer novel that is the bar, the level on which all are now balanced.
The Anniversary Man by RJ. Ellory.

RJ has done it again, with his new novel
'Bad Timing'
A stunning work that evokes an era with startling accuracy, and for a novel with so much darkness, it has moments of deep heart wrenching compassion.
This is the big novel of the year, the epic and pure entertainment to boot.
And on entertainment and fine writing
Bill Crider is me book of choice as I start German Tour tomorrow, Bill and Len Wanner.
Call it double indemnity.

Sunday, 30 October 2011


Ghosts must
What gives them 
For me, tis
Grab the grief, and make the sucker sing.
Darkly or laden, long is it's out there and earning it's cost.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Banks to Swierczynski

Ray and Duane are turning out some of the finest noir of the decade. Their novels are consistently
lesser applauded are their short stories.
here's Ray with 
real Gone
and describing Goose
he's a guy with a pot belly and one leg, sitting in a wheelchair and talking like he's kept the best eight ball for himself. he calls himself Goose because he says he lost the leg at Goose green in '82.Anyone who 's known him longer than a minute knows he lost the leg becasue he tried to mainline an artery.

Duane with 
The Replacement
 here's one classic line from a slew of gems
'God, but for the grace of bikinis go I'

Ray's story is to be found in
The Best of British Mysteries 1V'
edited by the alchemist, Maxim Jakubowski

and Duane s black jewel in

Todd Robinson and Otto Penzlers
'hardcore hardboiled'

Coming in the random alphabet of mystery
Abbot to Guthrie
Coleman to Starr and Straley
The order of this randomness is Irish logic,
Pot luck an a whole lotta cheek.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


From Woody Allen;s 'Stardust Memories.'
.......Let me tell you
You're not the missionary type
you'd never
and incidentally
you're not Superman
You're a comedian  ( insert As fits, ie, writer)
you want to do mankind
a favour?
Tell funnier jokes ( write better novels)

On David Corbett, Matt Mc Bride, Sean Mc Grady

Poetry isn't essential to writing but oh, drinking from a long neck without a glass isn't essential but phew-oh
it sure does add to that vibe.
The three writers above
One experienced pro
Two new writers.
All write with poetic sensibility.
How much does it matter?
As much as Galway Rain enhances that rainbow glimpsed above the recent storm on Galway Bay.
Shines like desperation ebbing. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


................In truly good writing no matter how many times you read it, you do not know how it is done. This is because there is a mystery in all great writing and that mystery does not dis-sect out.It continues and is always valid.
each time you re-read you see or learn something new.

1952; Hemingway letter to Harvey Breit.

He could have been describing,
Who single handily, ended the whole debate on 
Mystery vs. Literature.
By writing.

The Devils Mambo

Jerry Rodriguez was a great friend and endlessly talented.
His novel The Devil's Mambo was classic noir with biting wit.
Jerry was almost ridiculously talented and in company with Jason Starr and I at that great B'con he had women rating he was even more rock n roll than Jason!
he was a gifted documentary maker, a rare and rarest photographer.
His passing tore me asunder, then and now.
I remember him today as a grace of having a buddy who lit up me life.
Codlamh sabh mo cara.