Saturday, 29 October 2011

Banks to Swierczynski

Ray and Duane are turning out some of the finest noir of the decade. Their novels are consistently
lesser applauded are their short stories.
here's Ray with 
real Gone
and describing Goose
he's a guy with a pot belly and one leg, sitting in a wheelchair and talking like he's kept the best eight ball for himself. he calls himself Goose because he says he lost the leg at Goose green in '82.Anyone who 's known him longer than a minute knows he lost the leg becasue he tried to mainline an artery.

Duane with 
The Replacement
 here's one classic line from a slew of gems
'God, but for the grace of bikinis go I'

Ray's story is to be found in
The Best of British Mysteries 1V'
edited by the alchemist, Maxim Jakubowski

and Duane s black jewel in

Todd Robinson and Otto Penzlers
'hardcore hardboiled'

Coming in the random alphabet of mystery
Abbot to Guthrie
Coleman to Starr and Straley
The order of this randomness is Irish logic,
Pot luck an a whole lotta cheek.


  1. Big fan of both Ray and Duane. Nice spin by Duane on the AA saying ;)

  2. Sean
    great to hear from you.Any chance you are in NY in December for the launch of headstone on December 2nd at otto's store

  3. Are you the same Ken Bruen who wrote London Boulevard?

  4. Hey Ken. I'm from Boston. Can't make it to NY in Dec, but will certainly be reading Headstone. Best of luck!